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Hot Lips


If you’re the “World’s Greatest Rock Rock and Roll Band,” you’ve simply got to have the worlds greatest band logo right? And so they do and so it is. And while the paternity of the logo seems to be in question, with John Pasche, Craig Braun, and Ernie Cefalu all claiming some portion of credit, there’s even a possibility that Dan Aldridge’s 1969 illustration for The Beatles’ “Day Tripper,” is the true father of the ubiquitous lips and tongue logo. Over the years there’s been an endless stream of Rolling Stones logo modifications that predated the “radical” manipulation of the MTV logo. As The Rolling Stones have announced they are going back on the road with a brand-new tour performing in 16 cities across the U.S. and Canada in 2024 in support of their new Album, "Hackney Diamonds," I felt the time was ripe to give it a go and present my take on the venerable workhorse.



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